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Hello 2021!! May I wish happy new year to all of you with the hope of taking steps back towards normality that we used to know before coronavirus had hit us hard! A brand new year has just begun, and many of us like to start off with resolutions: such as building up new, healthy habits that often involves actions toward more sport, less sugar, more reading, less stress etc. Maybe some of you will try out new things, services and products. So let’s start the new year with an ever recurring topic of mine: the importance of an outstanding escort service and its advantages.  So, today I thought I would talk about what I think are 5 Great Reasons to Hire an Escort, in the hopes of reducing the stigma associated with the work while also showing you why this is a service you should be utilising. There are a number of reasons why I think hiring an escort makes total sense depending on your circumstances, which is why it’s always sad to see, that most people only think of it as “paying for sex” and forget about all the other potential benefits it can offer. 

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Escorts are the perfect people to try new kinks and sexual positions out with. They’re judgement free and have a lot of experience, so chances are whatever it is you’re looking to test out they’ll have done before and be able to help. Just make sure to bring it up with them prior to making your booking, to ensure it’s something they are happy to do and in case they need to charge extra for it. Additionally, being able to have sex with entirely no strings attached can also be helpful for other new experiences. For instance, if you’re looking to lose your virginity in a relaxed and safe environment while also not having to worry about the pressure of finding the “right person”. Or, alternatively, if you want to try having a threesome for the first time with your partner, but don’t want to worry about any potential jealousy or the weirdness that may result from asking a friend. When You Need A Date For Events I’m sure we’ve all experienced times when we need a date for an upcoming event, whether it’s a wedding, work function, or even just something small. It may be because you want to keep up appearances amongst your colleagues, impress the ex that you know will also be in attendance, or simply because you don’t need your parents questioning your decisions once again as you attend yet another cousin’s wedding. This can be difficult if you’re currently single, as perhaps finding an actual date in time would be too hard, or maybe you just don’t want to lead somebody on, if you only need them for that one night. Plus, what if you already have a partner, but they aren’t able to attend? You certainly won’t want to make them feel jealous by asking someone else. Escorts provide the perfect solution to all of these problems, as they can accompany you without you having to worry about it being anything more than that (which your partner should also, hopefully, understand). Not to mention that this isn’t just anyone you’ll be taking, but a professional who specialises in being charismatic and charming, so if anybody is going to knock your friend’s and family’s socks off then it’s an escort. The best bit is that finding one in the same area as the event, is easy these days with online directories, plus many are also willing to travel. To Help Boost Your Confidence Escorts are experienced professionals in both dating and sex, so they are the perfect people to practice these two areas of the human experience with. If you’re completely new to the dating scene, or coming back to it after years away, they can help you build confidence by giving you someone to practice with and then providing honest feedback. The same thing is then also applicable for sex, as they can help you get back in touch with your body, and in turn teach you how to pleasure someone else. This is particularly helpful for people who may be getting out of long-term relationships and are not yet ready to try and find an emotional connection with someone, but want to raise their confidence levels for when they do get to that point. When Dating Is Too Difficult Are you getting tired or bored of the dating scene? While dating is supposed to be fun, often it can feel like a real drag. Or perhaps you are going on dates, but your luck has just seemed to run out when you go to take things any further than dinner. This can be tough, as a single life means that while you might still be quite socially active, you aren’t experiencing any human touch, which is important for your health. An escort can help to alleviate the loneliness that people can experience during these times, as they can not only fill any sexual desires you might have welling up, but can also provide the crucial physical contact that you’re longing for. Another reason dating may be difficult for you is your busy work schedule. Whether it’s because you have very little free time, or because your free time doesn’t fall on the same hours that typical dates are usually scheduled. Not everyone can work 9 till 5, and some industries in particular make dating often feel impossible, for instance a chef who works weeknights and all day on weekends. Alternatively, you might be dealing with a stressful period, such as finishing your doctorate, where you cannot afford to be distracted by getting into a new relationship. Escorts are then perfect in all these situations as they are willing to meet at hours that might be seen as unusual to others and can be booked in advance, plus you can see them as frequently or infrequently as you want. To Find A Like-Minded Companion Sex is great, but I think the companionship escorts offer is far more valuable. They are often upfront about their likes and dislikes online and in their profiles, which allows you to be able to find someone whose personality matches your own. I have often noticed that many escorts brand themselves around these sorts of things, which really lets the individual stand out. Foodies, gamers, and gym-goers are just some of the different traits that I have seen advertised by escorts, and by choosing someone who matches your own personality you’ll be able to have conversations about these subjects that you may not be able to in your personal life, and may even find someone to share experiences with (for instance taking the foodie to various fine-dining restaurants).  Another way this is helpful is when you’re travelling, whether it’s for business or just a personal trip. Going to a new city or country that you don’t know much about by yourself can be daunting, but an escort makes for the perfect private tour guide guaranteed to know all the good spots, and if you do choose someone who has similar interests to you, they’ll be more likely to show you places you’ll genuinely enjoy. Plus, finding someone who lives or is touring the location that you’re travelling to couldn’t be simpler these days with all the directories and advertising platforms on hand. Of course, even if you’re not travelling, I guarantee you escorts will be able to show you places in your own city you’ve never been to before, and will be able to open you up to new experiences in life that you’d otherwise miss out on. With all these great advantages I hope you feel encouraged enough to reach out and book your appointment with me or another lady of your liking.  

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