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Porn has always been one of the most popular guilty pleasures, enticing men and women alike. And while it is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries, people have been looking for new and exciting ways to enhance their porn experience. That’s where VR comes in, promising unmatched levels of immersion while allowing the user to block out any distraction from the real world. And if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading to learn how to watch VR porn at home. As already mentioned, VR porn is a rapidly growing industry, especially with the recent success of the Quest 2, which brought many brand new users into the VR space. According to Marketresearch, the VR porn market is estimated to exceed over one billion dollars by 2025. In fact, if you google how to watch VR porn right now, you will get hundreds if not thousands of online guides, explaining the basics. But what should you know before giving VR porn a try? And more importantly, where do you find the best VR porn content available on the market? Curious about adult virtual reality but not sure how to watch VR porn on your device? There are some basic requirements that every VR porn user needs to know first. From a high bandwidth to a VR headset, you might need to invest some money to get the most out of VR porn. And while the expenses aren’t exactly cheap, they are predicted to go down significantly in the coming years. Unlike Quest 2, where everything is preinstalled, you need to download Firefox and GizmoVR to get the VR experience. While that is still pretty easy, it’s not the most user-friendly headset. For example, when it comes to streaming content, you will have to use a VR-compatible browser such as Firefox. Next, you will have to find the content you want, click play and select VR mode on the player. But remember that not every website supports VR, so if you don’t see the VR mode option, try looking elsewhere. Similarly, you will have to use a VR player if you want to play downloaded videos. For that, you can use GizmoVR, which you can get for free from the Oculus store. Once that’s done, you will need to navigate to the file and play it.

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First, you need to understand that VR porn files are much larger than regular 1080p videos. The reason for that is they are not just a simple projection, but it’s a 360 or 180-degree view, requiring the entire space to be recorded. Add in the higher resolution, sometimes up to 4K, and you got yourself a considerably large file. As a result, streaming VR porn is very difficult, being prone to lagging. That’s why, in order to get the smoothest experience, you should always download your VR porn beforehand. Depending on the type of experience and content you are looking to try, you might need clear space to walk around. Simply put, you must get rid of anything fragile and sharp that could harm you during the viewing. Keep in mind that seated experiences will be much easier to set up, as the only requirement is to have a comfortable place to relax on. And remember always to lock your door to avoid privacy accidents. No matter what kind of VR porn you want to watch, having a VR headset is a must. And while some of the highest-end devices cost a fortune, there are many budget-friendly options out there. We will explain each of them down the line, together with our recommendations. And finally, you will need to find a VR porn content provider. Luckily, there are many VR porn websites out there, most of them offering high-quality content. Additionally, some websites also show how to watch VR porn, offering guides tailored for their content. Keep on reading to find out the best porn sites for VR. While the method of watching VR porn depends on your device, we will cover the steps for each mainstream VR headsets. However, remember that these steps may vary from website to website and the following is just a general guide. In fact, some might not even allow VR porn streaming, and you will have to download the content. While other websites might even have their own tailored guides, teaching users how to watch VR porn. The Quest 1 and 2 headsets are some of the easiest devices to watch VR porn on. That’s mainly because both come with the necessary software for streaming and viewing VR content. For streaming, you just need to open the Oculus browser, navigate to the website you want, and press play. And when it comes to downloaded video, just find the file and play it; it’s that simple.

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