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I find sexual kinks and fetishes quite fascinating phenomena and as an escort I come across with “strange” fetishes from time to time. Nowadays, I have noticed that many people like involving feet to their sexual practice to some extent. So I decided to research the topic a little bit and publish my findings on my blog, as some of you might be curious to read a little bit about this common kink.   So, what are we talking about exactly? A foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. In other words, feet, toes, and ankles turn you on.  This particular preference for feet can vary from person to person. Some people are turned on just by looking at feet. Others may find painted nails, jewellery, or other adornments appealing. Still others get sexual satisfaction in foot treatments, such as massaging or worshiping feet. Foot fetish is quite common and considered a mainstream sexual kink. That is, it’s more commonly talked about and understood than some other types of fetishes. 

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Just like with clothing preferences or music styles, sexual kinks vary. Every person is attracted to — or even repelled by — things others may consider mundane.  So, it’s not clear what it is about feet that’s appealing, but a few theories have been offered to explain why some people are just drawn to feet and foot play.  However, biology can perhaps explain why so many people like engaging in foot erotic. Our feet are covered with nerve endings, and nerve endings equal greater, often more intense sensations. Tickling, rubbing, and massaging may all feel immensely better on feet.  Humiliation aspect  One psychological element of a foot fetish is humiliation. Feet are often considered “below” people. That is, some people think of feet as a lowly body part. That sets up a dynamic some people find appealing: They like to feel “lower” than their partner. They enjoy having your feet on their body as a form of power play, or being put in their place.  Domination aspect  Submission and domination is a power play for some couples. Feet are just one part of that structure. If your partner has a foot fetish, they may want you to treat them like a human footrest. They find satisfaction in letting you have domination over them so they can worship at your feet.  If you have a foot fetish, you may find it thrilling to kneel at your partners feet, adore them, and diminish yourself for them. You may encourage them to put their feet all over your body, forcing you into a position of submission.  Does the type of adornment matter?  Shoe and sock fetishes are closely related to foot fetishes. Many people who adore feet may also have a particular interest in shoes, jewellery, or other foot adornments.  Some people prefer barefoot partners. They like an unobstructed view of the entire foot, from top to bottom.  Others may enjoy flip flops or sandals that expose just a bit of the feet — a peek-a-boo, if you will.  High heels get a lot of foot fetish attention, too. Indeed, entire channels on adult websites are dedicated to people with a proclivity toward heels. Hosiery, stockings, or socks may also be appealing to people with a sexual attraction to feet or footwear.  Things to try  Most people have a sexual curiosity or interest that extends beyond vanilla sex. Fetishes and kinks are nothing to be ashamed of or hide.  Indeed, they’re a fun way for partners or consenting individuals to explore and have fun.  These activities are popular among people who like feet:  Pedicures Shoe play Foot massage or tickling Foot kissing or toe sucking (it can be quite sensual) Foot job  Some people with a foot fetish like a little genital contact now and then. If your partner is up for it, ask them to grind their feet over your genital area. They can even glide their feet over your penis or penetrate your vagina or anus with toes. Keep in mind that feet aren’t as nimble as hands, so this may take a bit of practice. Oh, and clip your nails if you’re planning to penetrate.  Are there any risks to consider?  Unlike some other forms of sexual play, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy. But foot play isn’t without its possible risks.  

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