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The Most Popular Bedpage Escort Countries, Nationalities, and Names

As the old saying goes, sex sells and sex work is increasing in popularity around the world. While many countries still outlaw prostitution or have strict rules in place, it's generally not hard to find an escort. Unlike street prostitutes, call girls post ads online or in newspapers and magazines to find their clientele. Some work for agencies, but others are independent. Meeting with an escort is usually safer than hiring a prostitute as most escorts screen their clients before meeting; they're more selective in who they'll engage with, and they offer their list of services well in advance. When you hire an escort, you generally know what goes and what doesn't right from the start. As escorting is big business, we thought it would be fascinating to learn more about the statistics surrounding this industry. What are the most popular countries for escorts, and where do they generally come from? Everyone's seen an escort or two named Jessica; is it a popular name? What are other popular names? After doing some research, we offer the answers below.

Most Popular Bedpage Escort Countries

The most popular escort country in 2020 was Turkey — and it was the top escort country by a wide margin. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise as prostitution is legal in this country and regulated by the government. Sex workers are required to carry ID and undergo regular health tests in an effort to make the industry safer for both workers and clients. While prostitutes are technically supposed to work in approved brothels, there are many escorts working with agencies and for themselves.

The next most popular escort country was Belgium. Sex work is also legal here, and you'll find red-light districts in most major cities. The most popular destinations to find escorts include Brussels, Antwerp, and Charleroi. If you're traveling to Belgium, the most convenient way to find a call girl is to use an escort website.

Interestingly, Greece takes the #3 spot on the list of most popular escort countries in 2020, which means the top three spots are held by European countries. While escorting is not legal here, it's easy enough to find escorts, and businessmen often travel to Athens for companionship. Escorts generally place ads online or in the romance sections of newspapers.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are the next most popular escort countries. These countries are neighbors, and they're well-known destinations for businessmen and tourists.

Rounding out the top 10 most popular countries for escorts in 2020 were Cyprus, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Germany. In these last two countries, sex work is legal and escorts are plentiful. Many people from around the world travel to these areas for the sole purpose of having a sex holiday or sex vacation.

Most Popular Bedpage Escort Nationalities

Now that you've seen the most popular escort countries, let's take a look at the most popular escort nationalities. You might think that these lists would be similar, but Escort News shows quite a deviation.

The most common escort nationality in 2020 was Russian. Seeing as Russia was #18 on the list of top escort countries, this means that Russian women left their country to work as escorts in others. To confirm this statistic, we browsed top escorts. After randomly clicking on 10 escorts, we found that 6 of them were Russian and working in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and even Denmark.

The next most common escort nationality of 2020 was French. This was an unexpected thing to see as France was #13 on the list of top escort countries. Outside of France, you'll find many French call girls in the UK, Germany, and Italy. In addition to French, some escorts also speak English.

Ukrainian women were the third most popular escort nationality in 2020. As with Russian escorts, those from the Ukraine tend to work in other countries, with a recent study showing that many Ukrainian sex workers head to Turkey.

American was the next most popular escort nationality in 2020, and American women can be found the world over. Sex work is illegal in most of the United States, but many escorts still work there. These days, most advertise their services through online portals. Some American escorts also travel to Europe for work. This is partly to find new clientele and partly to live in a different country. Other top escort nationalities in 2020 were Belgian, Belarussian, Colombian, Indian, Canadian, and Brazilian.

Most Popular Bedpage Escort Names

Most escorts don't work under their real names. The most common reason is privacy, but some also use it as a way to separate their work lives from their personal ones.

In the world of escorting, a name can mean so much. Common names like Anna, Jessica, and Alisa (the top three escort names in 2020 according to Escort News) guarantee anonymity. If one of these women wanted to disappear, they could do so instantly. Other common escort names in 2020 included Alina, Eva, Diana, Bella, and Maria.

More unique names, like Mary Gold, Loanella, and Kamila, are harder to forget, and they're great for building a brand. Escorts who want to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for their customers (and assure repeat patrons) often choose names that no one else has. Other uncommon names on Escort News's list include Zena, Steffi, Dorise, and Rixine.

While reviewing the top escort names of 2020, an intriguing pattern emerged. Names like Julia, Emma, Linda, and Sara are common, both in sex work and in general. While Julia has Italian roots and Emma comes from Germany, these are names you wouldn't be surprised to see anywhere in the world. When browsing escort listings, it's clear that Julias and Emmas are as common in the USA as they are in Italy, Australia, and Spain. Some names simply have a universal appeal.

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