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PrivateDelights seems to be back online and running properly.  I do hope they have taken whatever steps are necessary to rectify the overall situation that led to this interruption in service.  A lot of Sex Workers need their sites to be running at all times for the sake of survival.

A lot of people have been searching the Internet for answers today as to why the website PrivateDelights has been offline.  Many have found their way to The ValleyScott Blog.

I don’t really have an answer as to what is going on.  I have gotten several different error messages when trying to access the site.

I don’t know if it is a maintenance issue, a technical problem, or trouble with their hosting service.  What I do know is that PrivateDelights wasn’t shut down by Federal Law Enforcement.  If LE had shut it down there would be one of those famous “This Site Has Been Seized” redirects.  LE likes to brag when they shut down one of our websites.

Whatever the issue is, hopefully PD will have it fixed soon.  Or at least get a temporary page up to tell us how long it will be.  Information helps to avoid panic and worry.

 I would say this should be lesson to all sites to make sure that if you are having issues to get the word out quickly and broadly so that your users do not start to worry or speculate about what is going on.

Earlier they had a message up that they were down to upgrade their servers.  Two different stories tonight, which is true, I have no idea.  Maybe both.  I’m not going to judge, just going to keep updating this post as I know more.

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It appears that PrivateDelights has been brought back online and is functioning normally. I sincerely hope that they have remedied the broader problem that resulted in the suspension of service by taking any and all measures that may be required to do so. For the purpose of their own livelihood, many people who work in the adult entertainment industry require constant access to their websites.

Today, a significant number of individuals have been looking for explanations on the internet as to why the website PrivateDelights has been inaccessible. A significant number of people have discovered The ValleyScott Blog.

What exactly is going on is a question to which I do not really have an answer. When I tried to access the website, I was met with a number of various error warnings.

I'm not sure whether it's a maintenance issue, a technical problem, or a problem with their hosting provider, but it seems to be happening. I can say with certainty that the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not close down If law enforcement officials had taken it down, one of those well-known "This Site Has Been Seized" redirection would have shown. When LE takes down one of our websites, they are quick to boast about it.

Whatever the problem may be, we trust that PD will have a solution for it soon. Or at the very least, put up a temporary page that tells us how much longer we will have to wait. Having information makes it easier to avoid worrying and feeling panicked. I would argue that all websites should use this as a lesson to make sure that if they are having problems, they get the information out in a timely manner and to as many people as possible, so that their users do not begin to worry or speculate about what is going on with the website.

Earlier, they had a notification indicating they were going to be down until they upgraded their systems. Tonight, I've heard two completely different accounts, and I have no idea which one is accurate. It may be either. I'm not going to pass judgment; instead, I'm just going to keep adding new information to this post as I learn it.

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