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dearly think back on the days when I used to have car sex. I felt like a rockstar, a hot babe and probably like the coolest thing ever! I specifically remember the hot MI night with an evenly hot Brazilian lover in the backseat of my Ford Escape. The experience is priceless and I think everyone should try it at least once during the course of their lives.  Believe it or not, your automobile is a great place to mix things up. It’s different than your bedroom, or couch, or kitchen, or wherever else you’re having sex—and the nostalgic, “omg-I’m-having-car-sex-as-an-adult” feeling makes it even better. It’s also quite spontaneous too. Now before we dive into all of the car sex tips though, there are a few safety tips and precautions you should be very mindful of: You see, there’s this thing called a misdemeanour crime, which can be given to people who are involved in a “lewd act.” (Lewd act = sexing on a main street during the day where other people can easily and visibly see you). This means you’ll want to go somewhere that you can be sure you won’t be seen. Maybe try it in your driveway, in your garage, or a secluded place when it’s already dark outside. 

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1. Position yourself comfortably. The biggest complaint about car sex is that there’s zero space. But even if it’s a tight squeeze for you and your partner, you do have some options. You could move into the backseat, which will probably offer more room and also help hide you from people passing by. You could also recline your seats back as far as they go, which will help make your space more comfy or bed-like. 2. Try out car-friendly sex positions. Part of positioning yourself comfortably is knowing what sex positions work in a car and what sex positions don’t. If you’re starting with oral sex (which is probably the easiest thing to do in a car, BTW), all you have to do is lean over into your partner’s lap. This is most effective if your partner has a penis, but if your partner has a vulva, you can get into the backseat in a 69 position. If there’s room, you could also move the seats so that the receiver lies down while the person giving oral kneels in the foot space. When you’re ready for penetrative sex, girl-on-top should probably be your go-to. With your partner in the passenger seat, move the seat all the way back and recline the seat. Get into their lap and go at it cowgirl-style. Then, grab on to the headrest for extra leverage.  Reverse cowgirl is also pretty simple too: While in the front, move the seat back as far as  goes and sit face-forward on your partner’s lap so you’re both looking out the front window. Grab on to the steering wheel and use it to help rock your body back and forth. If you want to try a doggy-style sex position, depending on your heights, you may be able to both fit in the backseat. If not, you could recline the front seat all the way back, lay your stomach on it while facing the back of your car, and let your partner enter you from behind as they crouch on top of you. More of a spooning sex person? Get into the backseat and move the front seats forward as far as they’ll go. Tell your partner to lie on their side across the back seat, with you in front of them so your back is pressed against their chest. If the seat is narrow, keep yourself from falling off by bracing your hands against the seat in front of you. 3. Park somewhere you can see the stars. For obvious reasons, this is your best move legally because if the stars are out = it’s dark outside = you have less of a chance of getting caught. But also, the stars can be your free99 way of setting the mood. Let the stars shine through the sunroof and provide that sexy moonlit glow on your bodies. 4. Take advantage of your vehicle’s “sexcessorys”. All cars come equipped with the perfect bondage accessory: seat belts. Have your partner sit in the passenger seat and then click the belt into place. Order them to lift their hands over their head and use whatever’s around (a scarf, your bikini top, a dog leash, etc.) to bind them to the headrest. Finally, slip sunglasses over their eyes to restrict their vision.  The owner’s manual stashed in your glove compartment can also double as a handy spanker, and you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of those rearview mirrors. Strategically angle them so they’re directed at the action. 5. Awake your inner-exhibitionist. If you’re feeling daring, lie down on the hood of the car, cover your bodies with a big blanket or towel, and get into scissor sex position. That way, if anyone passes by, it’ll look like you’re just making out. But, again, be mindful of your surroundings please—and refer back to the safety suggestions outlined in the intro. 6. Okay, now get really exhibitionistic. If you’re positive you won’t get caught, go all out by trying doggy-style sex on the hood. Stand on the ground facing the car, bend over at the waist, and rest your hands on the hood so your partner can enter you from behind. Or get onto the hood on your hands and knees, but lay down a towel or blanket first in case the metal is hot. Worst case scenario: Do this in the comfort of your own garage. It’s just as sexy and steamy, while reducing your chances of getting caught. 7. Don’t be afraid to get kinky. For a super sexy afternoon, go sex toy shopping. Once you’ve picked out some goodies and checked out, try out your new toys on each other before you even get home: just park somewhere private, sitting in your respective seats in the front, and then reaching over to give each other a helping hand. If you want to get extra kinky, slide into the backseat while your partner is in the front. Start touching yourself so that they hear your moans and watch you through the rearview mirror.  

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