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Simply put, what is Craigslist?

New York City's official Craigslist homepage. Craigslist is an online platform for public classified advertising and discussion forums. Craig Newmark created it in 1995 as an e-mail list in San Francisco; it became a website in 1996. Its international expansion kicked into high gear around the year 2000, and today it serves more than 70 nations. Millions of individuals use Craigslist to make connections, make money, and fulfill basic needs like housing, employment, and transportation. Check out if you want to learn more.

Sites Similar to Craigslist

On the main page of Craigslist, you can choose between several communities and search options. in the capture

Various Craigslist sites cater to various localized audiences. As its name implies, Craigslist was initially used solely for classified ads and listings in the San Francisco area. The success of the service led founder Craig Newmark to expand the network to include additional cities. Boston was the first city to join the network, doing so in the year 2000. A short time later, in April, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. After today, almost four hundred and fifty municipalities will have their own local Craigslist community site.

Since community members do much of the moderation, Craigslist's staff may focus on other things, such facilitating transactions for rental and employment listings, assisting users with problems, and investigating accusations of unlawful or abusive activity. Craigslist's employees would be severely overburdened without community moderation.

Craigslist Money Statements

Newmark, Craig Craig Newmark, inventor of Craigslist, and Jim Buckmaster, his current and former CEO. Sullivan/Getty Images Justin. What was once a side project is now the successful business known as Craigslist. At some point after 1999, Craigslist formalized its status as a for-profit corporation. To prevent any future confusion for Craigslist users, the business has purchased the domain. Since then, Craigslist's reach has grown annually, and the site now serves tens of thousands of local communities across the globe.

Neither Jim Buckmaster nor Craig Newmark fits the mold of the stereotypical corporate tycoon. Newmark is best known outside of his role as Craigslist's founder and chairman as a customer service expert. Buckmaster serves as both CEO and a key player in the site's development. He participated in the development of online design elements such as navigation structures, home pages, discussion boards, profiles, user profile management, community moderation, and search engines.

Scandal on Craigslist

Scammers pose a significant problem for the Craigslist community. A portion of the site explains the most typical scams so that visitors will know what to do if they encounter one. Counterfeit money orders and checks, bait-and-switch schemes (where you believe you're getting one thing but end up with another), identity theft, phishing for personal information, and other unethical and illegal behaviors are all examples.

A recent Craigslist scam includes the buyer paying more than the listed price for an item. An unwary vendor lists an item for sale on Craigslist at a set price, let's say $1,500. Someone expresses interest in purchasing an item from a vendor and claims he will submit payment through check; however, the check never arrives and is overpaid. When the seller called the buyer to alert him of the discrepancy, the buyer said that he had entered the erroneous amount because he had mistakenly logged the transaction as part of a larger order. For the remainder, he wants the seller to deposit the cheque and wire the funds. The vendor cashes the check and gives the difference to the buyer, unaware that it is a counterfeit. If the bank verifies the check is a fake, the vendor is responsible for any losses. The con artist gets away with it, while the innocent party has to absorb the hit.

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